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Lemon seller
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2012 video, 26 min.

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Director: Maksim Yakubson

Photography - Mikhail Kats
Sound director - Egor Kayron
Editing - Svetlana Pechenyh
Sound editor - Sergey Sokolov
Director's assistant - Andrey Kuznetsov
Consultant - Lyubov Gurevich
Editor-in-chief - Zhanna Romanova
Production manager - Victoria Ruban
Producer - Alexey Telnov



Poet Roald Mandelshtam lived in post-war Leningrad. From his childhood he suffered from tuberculosis of bone, stayed indoors and knew that his life won't be long. Among his guest was composer Isaak Shvarts and artists known as "Arefyev circle' or 'Order of begging artists'.

50 years later fresco "Archers" painted by one of his friends was found out underneath a wallpaper in the room at a communal flat...


Film festivals and awards:

XX Festival of Russian cinema “Window to Europe”, Vyborg, Russia, 2012

Diploma at the 5th Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York, 2012

Regional conference INPUT, Moscow, 2012

South West International Film Festival, London, UK, 2012

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