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Polar exploer
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2008 betacam SP, color, 2 versions: 2 x 26 min. and 38 min.

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Director: Nikolay Volkov

Screenplay by Vladimir Strugatskiy
Director of photography – Nikolay Volkov
Music by Leonid Rezetdinov
Sound engineers – Aleksandr Alikov, Svetlana Akmanova
Editors – Anastasia Kopylova, Vladislav Grishin
Editor in chief – Zhanna Romanova
Production manager – Yuriy Kondakov
Producers – Vyachesla Telnov, Aleksey Telnov


The heros of the film are a polar exploer (the chief of the drifting station on the North Pole) Tomash Petrovskiy and his mother. The place of action is arctic drifting station and village in Belorussia. This is a kind of the erternal story about a son who is leaving his house for uncertain purposes in danger and cold, and about mother who loves him, understands and prays for him.
The murmuring beers, flourishing garden, clean river and warm earth are waiting for him coming back home.

Festival and awards:
The best film fairly shown problems of developing and exploration of Arctic in nomination "Faithfulness to Polar Star" at IFF "More zovet", Saint-Petersburg, 2009

Special diploma at 19th IFF "Massage to man", Saint-Petersburg, 2009

IFF "Open cinema", Saint-Petersburg, 2009

IFF "Mir znaniy", Saint-Petersburg, 2009

IFF of sport films "Atlant", Lipetsk, 2009

SILVER GENTIAN: for the best medium-length film at 58 Trento IFF, Italy, 2010

XV International festival of films and TV programs "Radonezh", Moscow, 2010

Prize for the best film in nomination "Ecology of soul" at IFF "Green Vision", Saint-Petersburg, 2009

Special jury prize of IFF "Okno v Evropu" for the director's debut and "creative restlessness", Vyborg, Russia, 2010

Participation at VI IFF of mountainous and adventurous film, Zakopane, Poland, 2010

Special screening at VII International beneficent FF "Luchezarnuy angel", Moscow 2010

Grand-prix and diploma of the I festival of ecological films "Zelenaya gvozdika", Sochi, 2010

Grand-prix of the I FF of arctic films "Arcticfest", Moscow, 2010

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