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Ulyana Lopatkina, or dancing on weekdays and holidays
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2006 35 mm, color, 31 min, English subtitles

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Screenplay – Sergey Lando
Director of photography – Sergey Lando
Sound by Leonid Lerner
Music by Oleg Karavaichuk
Film editors – Sergey Litvyakov, Dmitriy Antonov, Aleksandr Dmitriev
Production manager – Aleksandr Nesterov
Editor-in-chief – Zhanna Romanova
Producer – Vyacheslav Telnov
Exclusive shootings of the world famous ballet dancer Ulyana Lopatkina during the rehearsals and performances at Mariinskiy Theatre. Observing the “closed” ballet dancer in the creative process and in the everyday’s life.
Existence in a world of a classical dance demands particular concentration. Art can absorb you completely and separate you from the people – there are lots of example of that kind. Ulyana has interrupted her dancing experiments on the top of her career only because of the daughter. Of course, child as alive God’s creature is higher than anything being created by human. Masha, her daughter, is growing up and Ulyana is coming back to the stage. But art is very jealous. Now ballet dancer has to go the same way to the mastership picks that once she has passed already.

Festivals and awards:
Participation at IFF “Massage to man”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2007
Participation at FF “Zolotoy Vityaz”, Kislovodsk, Russia
Second prize at IFF “Art and films”, Telc, Czech 
“For the best camera” at IFF “Meetings in Siberia”, Russia, 2008
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