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The Will
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2004 video, color, 25 min

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Director: Egveniy Grigoriev

Screenplay - Yuriy Danilin
Director of photorgaphy - Artem Anisimov
Sound by Sergey Sidelnikov
Film-editor- Igor Ganzin
Production manager – Vyacheslav Kharkov
Editor-in-chief - Zhanna Romanova
Producer - Vyacheslav Telnov
This is a film-monologue about the innermost thoughts that the film hero considers possible to pass to the other people. It is a kind of the last lecture addressed to unknown generation.
The main idea of the film was to tell about the most basic conclusions of a life of an outstanding philosopher of the elapsed century.
Fyodor Uglov was the oldest practicing surgeon (1930-2004), worked in all areas of surgery, and executed essentially new operations first-ever.


Director: Sergey Loznitsa

This film is an observation of the visitors to a memorial site that has been founded on the territory of a former concentration camp. 

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